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Our College Carried Out Poverty Relief and Book Donation Activity in Jiachi Primary School

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Recently, led by Cao Qingxu, vice president of our college, Wu Rujin, director of the organization department of our college, and Shu Xuanbi, secretary of the general party of the department of medicine and technology, went to Jiachi village, Hekou township, which is a poverty alleviation and poverty relief district of  our college.

They went to Jiachi village primary school to have a discussion and communication with the school staff, to learn about the school conditions, teacher resources and other difficulties in running the school, and to carry out book donation activities to the school. Cao Qingxu said,“The book donation campaign is a good start for poverty alleviation through education, and it will help targeted poverty alleviation through education in the future.”She hopes that teachers can make good use of these books, take good care of them, and manage them well, so that they can deliver truth, faith and strength to children and help children grow up healthily. There are more than 300 books donated, which involved the content of popular science, literature and art, education, humanities, social sciences and other aspects. It aims to further broaden children's reading range, enrich their imagination and creativity, help rural children to get in touch with more knowledge, experience the fun of reading, expand children's horizons, and convey the warmth of love.

Finally, Cao Qingxu and other leaders visited the office of Jiachi village, and discussed with the person in charge of the village on how to carry out poverty alleviation work, giving suggestions on how to do poverty alleviation work well for the village.