Yao Zhaolun Paid a Visit to Our College

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On the afternoon of May. 14th, 2016, Yao Zhaolun, Vice-Minister of Ministry of Culture, accompanied by Xu Jing, Director-General of the Culture in Guizhou Provice, and Li Feiyue, Secretary of Qiandongnan, visited our college and made detailed investigations on the work of our college’s protecting non-material cultural heritages and training their inheritors.

During the investigations, Yao listened to related reports from Chen Wenxiang, President of college, visited Maker Space---“Inheritors of Quintessences in Guizhou” in our college, National Culture Teaching Resources Database by college-enterprise cooperation, Training-room of National Culture Teaching and the Exhibition of Achievements of Inheritors of Non-material Cultural Heritages. Yao showed his high appreciations and care after learning about the current work and difficulties of school-running and inheriting national crafts and expressed requirements to make related work better. Yao encouraged us to make great innovations actively by advantage realization with full confidence and enthusiasm so as to create a new situation of inheriting and protecting national culture and culture creative innovations and make positive contributions for local economic constructions and national culture industry development.