Pre-guidance for Psychological Health Contest Carried Out among College Students

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On May 25th, pre-guidance for psychological health contest, which belongs to series of psychological health week activities for college students was carried out within the campus. It was aimed to popularize psychological health knowledge, enhance the comprehensive quality of college students, cultivate their quick speculative abilities and create an atmosphere of researches and discussions about psychological health theories as well as enriching cultural life on campus. Through this contest, it was expected to promote the popularization of psychological health knowledge and the generation of such awareness among students so as to push forward psychological health education on a more scientific track in our college.

On May 23rd, psychological health center performed pre-guidance for students from nine teaching departments who have entered the final contest. It was mainly to give principle introduction about the contest content, provide the general range of topics and the way of questioning and introduce the rules,etc. Meanwhile, the psychology teachers also give the players advice on how to reduce the ideological pressure to enter the contest state as soon as possible and make good preparations for the upcoming finals.