The introduction of Medical Technology Department

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Basic situation:

The medical technology department was established in July 2008, which set three higher vocational, pharmacy, medical laboratory technology, Miao medicine technology and pharmacy vocational. The key construction professionals are pharmacy. Each major in higher vocational colleges enroll new students from Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing, Guangxi, Yunnan, Fujian and other provinces (regions). Until September 2012, we have 1321 students at school.

There are 30 fullytime teachers, 1 professor, 7 associate professors, 7 lecturers, 14 assistants, 1 senior political worker, 2 practicing doctors, 1 pharmacist incharge, 2 pharmacists in store, 15 external parttime teachers, 6 visiting professors. In these teachers team. There are 6 master degree candidates, others are bachelor degree or above, who were graduated from pharmacy, Chinese pharmacy, medical laboratory, marketing, international economy and trade, chemistry, quantum chemistry, biological chemistry, Chinese herbal medicine planting and MBA. The teachers educational structure are widely from Fudan University, Lanzhou University, Wuhan University, Zhongshan University, Peking University, China Medical University, Wuhan Institute of Technology, Guiyang Medical University, Guizhou University, Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medical, Southwestern University, Kaili University, Zunyi Medical College, Guizhou Normal University and so on. In the past 5 years, there were 17 teachers respectively to Tianjin Medical College, Kunming Medical UniversityYunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other colleges and universities for training. And sent 3 people to Singapore and America to learn.


Professional leaders,

Liu Shuhua, male, the miao national, graduated from GuiyangMedicalUniversity majoring in pharmacy. The current director of medical technology department, professor of pharmacology. National register of licensed pharmacist, Qiandongnan Pharmaceutical Association vice chairman, Chinese Association of Minority Medicine Miao medicine branch director. The main research direction: Miao medicine research and development, pharmaceutical specialty construction and curriculum design. Until 2012, he published more than 50 papers, materials and 12 books. He is one of the 50 Qiandongnan talents and the second batch of state control experts.

Yu Junmei, female, the Han nationality, graduated from Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Associate professor, pharmacists, director of pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical marketing staff appraisal. She had served as the five core courses in pharmacy and other teaching materials, in chief  of  a teaching materials. She had won the Academys award many times. The main research director: Pharmaceutical Education and regional drug market.

Hu Qingzhu, male, the Han nationality, EMBA, who is a visiting professor of Qiandongnan National Polytechnic, as a clinical pharmacy education,  Kaili political adviser. The main achievements in scientific research: Miao Ling nose, Miao Ling sensitive nose, AI Shu Huang hemorrhoids, Dan Bai common products and so on. He has won the national special 2 invention patents. At present, he is the chairman of Guizhou miaorentang Pharmaceutical Co., ltd  Meanwhile, he has opened 6 companies. They are Qiandongnan Clean Technology Co. Ltd., Guizhou miaorentang biological medicine technology Co., Ltd., Guizhou miaorentang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Guizhou Kai Jitong pharmaceutical packaging materials Co. Ltd., Guizhou Anping National Pharmaceutical Co Ltd. and Guizhou Miao Yi pharmaceutical limited liability company. His enterprise purpose is "create a good medicine, made Miao medicine, made good Miao medicine" and this made his companies gradually expanded in the market economy.

Chen Ju, female, the Miao nationality. She is a master, a national occupation skill appraisal staff, also a lecturer. She has served as the "natural medicine", "Analytical Chemistry" and other professional core curriculum teaching, and won the provincial, colleges recognition. She published many papers. The main research direction: Pharmaceutical Education and Chinese medicinal herbs cultivation and identification.

Wu Zhankui, male, the Miao nationality, graduated from medical examination of GuiyangMedicalUniversity, associate chief technician of medical laboratory, a lecturer. He has published 6 papers, edited 2 teaching materials. And he got many school for reward. Now, he is a professional director of medical laboratory technology Department.

Parttime teacher representative:

Liu Jie, male, the Han nationality, graduated from GuangxiPharmaceuticalSchool of pharmacy, MBA of Peking University.

He is the founder and chairman of Guizhou Ji doctor pharmacy chain Limited company.

The chairman of the days of the Hang Zhou pharmacy Co. Ltd. (chain),

The chairman of Hang Zhou Ambon Agel Ecommerce Ltd Guizhou Hengzhi drugstore management consulting company,

The chairman of Guizhou Ji doctor health investment company, the chairman of Guizhou beautiful fruit source convenience store company,

 The vice chairman of Guizhou southeast pharmaceutical company,

 The chairman of Qiandongnan Xin Cheng Company limited by guarantee,

 The executive vice president of Qiandongnan Pharmaceutical Association

The executive vice president of QiandongnanGuangdong business

The vice president of the business credit for small and Medium Enterprises Association of Qiandongnan National Polytechnic..

The visiting professor of Qiandongnan National Polytechnic,


Zhou Jiaqing, male, the Han nationality. He is one of Gui Zhou's doctor pharmacy chain Co. founder and general manager. He graduated from Guangxi University, major in computer software, and MBA OF Peking University, also the Hong Kong action successful training school.

Hang Zhou Ambon Agel Ecommerce Ltd General Manager

The general manager of Guizhou Ji doctor health investment company

Vice chairman of the Standing Committee of Qiandongnan Pharmaceutical Association

The visiting professor of Qiandongnan National Polytechnic,


Bao Qiangyi, male, the Han nationality,.

The general manager of Guizhou Fei Ling pharmacy Co. Ltd

MBA of WuhanUniversity

The visiting professor of Qiandongnan National Polytechnic.


Wang Mingkang, male, the Han nationality, graduated from GuizhouNormalUniversity majoring in chemistry.

Now, he is a deputy general manager of Guizhou a tree chain Pharmaceutical Co. ltd

The visiting professor of Qiandongnan National Polytechnic.


Teaching reform and professional

1, The establishment of educational reform project group

The project leader: Liu Shuhua (director, professor in the Department of pharmaceutical technology, registered medical practitioner)

Members: Zhou Guojun (director, Qiandongnan state food and drug administration director)

Yu Junmei (Pharmacy Research Director, associate professor, pharmacists)

Wu Zhankui (Medical Laboratory Technology Department Director, Lecturer, associate chief technician)


Wu Jingyun (the director of Miao Pharmacy Research laboratory, licensed pharmacists, pharmacists in charge)

Hu Qingzhu (the chairman of Guizhou miaorentang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, EMBA)

Liu Jie (Chairman of Guizhou Ji doctor chain limited liability company, EMBA)

Bao Qiangyi (the general manager of Guizhou Fei Ling Chain Co., Ltd, Master)

The project advisor:

Wu Jun (The president of Qiandongnan National Polytechnic, professor, Ph.D.)


2, Analysis of professional training model of professional: by a survey of enterprise, practice in the enterprise and exchange with the experts, analysis professional deeply, to determine the mode of training professional talents are: A common basis, four core technology, with national characteristics.

Professional teaching model is: the two main scenes, interaction between teachers and students.

Picture11, The professional teaching team of pharmacy had a group photo after practice in Ji Doctor Company.


3, Construction and content

The pharmacy building ideas: The implementation of industry standards, prominent core skills, into the national medicine, improves the comprehensive quality." The main content of the curriculum system and textbook construction; construction of training base outside the school;  the reform of teaching methods and teaching team as well as the teaching staff construction and so on.


4, the achievements in the past five years;

(1) Published 5 school-based teaching materials. They are

"Drug sales technology"; "Pharmacology";  "tutorial of pharmacology experiment; "Miao and Dong pharmaceutical technology"; "the pharmacist management". We published more than 60 papers.

(2) Instructor Yao Yuanzhen won the second prize in the open class competition during 2008 2009; teacher Yang Zhen won the second prize of the speaking contest in the "pharmaceutical technology". Yao Yuan Zhen, Yang Zhen, Lei Ye won the second prize of teaching process assessment in 2011.

(3) "Drug sales technology" became school level excellent course.

(4) 4 people promoted to lecturer, 1people won a state award,  8 people won the excellent award.

(5) Double quality teachers accounted for the proportion of full-time teachers 90%

(6) The experimental equipment valued at $3000000, have 35 laboratories and training room


The school cooperates with enterprise and research platform;

There are 35 built fixed teaching practice base that are related enterprises outside the province.

Represent units; Guizhou Ji doctor pharmacy chain Co. Ltd. (chief cooperative enterprises), Guizhou Fei YunLing Limited by Share Ltd (chief cooperative enterprises), Guizhou one tree pharmaceutical company, Guizhou southeast pharmaceutical company, Shenzhen China Chain Corporation, Shenzhen Wan Chak Chain Corporation; Guizhou Tongjitang pharmaceutical company, Guizhou bailing group, Guizhou magic company, Qiandongnan Prefecture People's Hospital, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guiyang Medical University and other County Hospitals.

In cooperation with the Qiandongnan Miao drug products Co. Ltd and Qiandongnan Miao Temple National Pharmaceutical limited liability company, the Miao medicine for common development, the following is part of the product.


Social services and benefits of running a school

Since 2008, we have trained personnel more than 3000 people for business and institutions, for planting crops of rural talented person training medicinal plant, more than 800 people. Accumulated transport 2060 professional and technical people inside and outside the province. . Nearly three years , graduate employment rate more than 96%, 2011 graduates employment rate is 97.4%.They have became a new force in the local medical mechanism, various Medicines Co, community pharmacy, medical equipment and other fields.